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This powerful tool will immediately become invaluable to managers and owners alike. With Digital Dining’s “slice it any way you like” report generator, you can define customized reports based on the historical files to meet your specific needs. These reports provide up-to-the-minute data, and can be defined and saved or used on a one-time basis. The report generator uses all the information from the point of sale to produce detailed reports about every type of transaction.

Backoffice Reporting

The Register Reports include procedures to:

  • Generate customized receipt reports by receipt type, register, profit center, or day of the week
  • Generate customized sales reports by sales type, preparation type, preparation group, profit center, or day of the week
  • Generate detailed discount and charge reports
  • Generate customized void reports by void type, by staff member or by time range
  • Generate detailed labor reports, including labor costs for each staff department, for each staff department group, or as a grand total
  • Generate customized security reports showing password usage
  • Generate detailed sales tax reports
  • Process the registers and produce detailed daily reports about every aspect of the point of sale
  • Maintain history files for a virtually unlimited period of time

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