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Digital Signage

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Does your restaurant have or need signage for promoting daily specials, the whole menu, or the menu for a specific part of the day? Digital Dining’s Digital Signage allows you to perform all of these functions and synchronize the displayed menu information with your POS automatically. Simply make changes to your menu in Digital Dining’s Back Office, and the changes are communicated to your Digital Signage and POS terminals immediately. Digital Dining allows the usual description and price to be maintained along with pictures and nutritional information.

Synchronize Menu Boards with POS Registers

Digital Dining provides a single point of entry for menu item maintenance, updating the POS register screens and digital menu boards quickly with no double entry.

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Maintain with Normal Menu Maintenance

No new skills or procedures are needed. You can operate and maintain the menu boards using the standard Digital Dining menu maintenance.

Menu Item Pictures

You can keep a central library of menu item pictures in the Digital Dining menu maintenance system and use those pictures for menu boards and POS enhancements.

Nutritional Information

Digital Dining’s menu maintenance includes user-defined key nutritional information that can be displayed in many formats on a digital menu board, keeping customers better informed.

Multiple Menu Board Definitions

You can define multiple menu day parts to promote different sets of daily specials. You can also create multiple menu boards for multi-outlet food courts.

Flexible Menu Board Communications

Control the menu boards from within the restaurant or from corporate headquarters. When a Multistore headquarters updates the menu, the updates are sent to the member stores and appear in their POS registers and digital menu boards.

Enhance Your Customer Experience with Digital Menus!

Enhance your current menus for your restaurant with a digital menu board by. Digital menus are more than just an eye-catching addition to your restaurant; they are a cost-effective digital solution that produces a better customer experience, decreased costs, and a boost in revenue. With an easy to use, web-based content management interface you can quickly make changes to promotional items, menu options, and messaging to turn your digital menus into a revenue generating machine for your restaurant. All this tied directly to your Digital Dining POS System.

What will you get with digital menu boards?

You’ll get an eye-catching digital display for your restaurant, that immediately grabs the attention of your guests and is flexible and easy to use on the back-end. Want to promote a new menu item, but have the option to switch your messaging on the fly. Make the change in minutes. Want to be able to schedule special pricing based on time of day? Set a schedule so your digital signs will show custom messaging based on time of day and audience, saving you the trouble of manually making the updates. Want to control the digital menus at multiple restaurant locations? With our web-based management interface, you can control menus at multiple restaurant locations from one centralized location with the click of a button.

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